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Hidden Bay Group On The Hunt For TOP DOG


Hidden Bay Group has been retained by authors Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman to assist with marketing the paperback edition of their latest New York Times Bestseller: TOP DOG - The Science of Winning and Losing. Bronson and Merryman are also the authors of the groundbreaking book, Nurtureshock- New Thinking About Children. In TOP DOG Bronson and Merryman use their astonishing blend of science and storytelling to reveal what's truly in the heart of a champion.  The joy of victory and the character-building agaony of defeat. Testosterone and neuroscience of mistakes. Why rivals motivate. How home field advantage gets you a raise. What teamwork really requires. It's baseball, the SAT, sales contests and LINUX.  How before da Vinci and FedEx were innovators, first, they were great competitors. TOP DOG is in the gym bags of Olympians, the briefcases of Wall Street executives and Madison Avenue "Mad Men". Risk takers from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas race to implement its ideas, as educators debate its merits in the halls of academia. TOP DOG is a book for every innovator, student or person simply looking for insight and that all important competitive edge.